Shower Remodeling and Installation in Tacoma FL

Provide your bathroom with a new and fresh look by having Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists install a new shower. Our highly-rated showers have stylish looks and innovative features. Our affordable remodels also cost just a fraction of what a traditional renovation project costs. Choose us and find out what a difference Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists can make! We offer the following: 

  • Replacement showers
  • Shower wall surrounds
  • Shower bases
  • Shower doors 


Our customers really love the many benefits that a shower enclosure provides from the acrylic bath solutions that we offer, including the following:  


A wide range of finishes, frame colors, and glass patterns, which makes it possible for you to design a shower enclosure that complements your bathroom decor perfectly. 


  • Diamond-Fusion protective glass makes it easier than ever before to clean your shower door. 
  • The hassle of soap scum and mildew build-up are eliminated by tapered bottom tracks. 
  • Sliding and swinging shower enclosure options are both available to meet your preferences. 
  • Durable and Mold-Resistant Shower Enclosures


A bathroom remodel increases your home’s value, while also adding convenience, safety, and comfort for many years into the future. It takes a lot of consideration and planning to ensure a successful home renovation project. 

New Shower Door Advantages 

There are several things to consider when getting new shower doors: 

  • In many cases, they can be installed in one day.
  • New shower doors are more affordable than you may think. 
  • Your new doors will last for many years. 
  • The doors will not be maintained too often. 

Custom Showers And Bathtub And Shower Replacement 

Many Tacoma area older homes have bathrooms with outdated, dingy showers and bathtubs that need to be replaced. We offer a wide range of shower and tub remodels to update these spaces.  

Your new shower or tub remodel will be built according to your specifications. It can be customized using various sold, stone, and tile surface products for both the walls and base – including a custom-tiled shower base that uses a system to permanently waterproof it.


For handicapped-accessible showers and walk-in showers, we build them with an emphasis on accessibility and safety. That often includes widening entry-ways and doors, adding or moving plumbing features, adding grab bars, maintaining low thresholds, and installing convenient faucet controls, shower seats, handrails, and soap niches.

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    Provide your bathroom with a new and fresh look by installing a new shower. Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists offers top-rated shows that come with stylish looks and innovative features. Also, our affordable remodels are much less expensive than traditional renovation projects.


    Options For Selecting A Shower 

    Depending on your budget and personal style, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Showers are quite diverse since they can be constructed and then assembled or purchased prefabricated. 





    Acrylic provides your shower with a smooth and beautiful finish. Everything flows. It provides an outstanding luster, is very durable, and can be molded into various sizes and shapes. 




    Gelcoat Fiberglass


    This is a much more budget-friendly material that looks just as good as acrylic does. It is long-lasting and provides a bright and vivid appearance. There are interlocked and bonded fiberglass stands contained in the material which makes it very strong. 




    Aquatic Composite


    This is a sheet molding compound that is very lightweight. This type of material is ideal for smaller bathrooms and is very easy to install as well. This material is ideal for tub-showers and showers and comes configured as a four-piece sectional. 






    Tile is a proven material with a successful track record. It is one of the more expensive materials that are available in the market but provides you with unlimited design, shape, and color options.

    Our certified business takes great pride in the work that we do and always go the extra mile to completely satisfy our customers. Call us today for your free estimate at 253-263-1406 so we can serve your needs.