Bathroom Cabinet Service in Tacoma WA

Here at Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists, we manufacture our own customized bathroom vanities in stylish colors and unique door styles and you can get these in a wide variety of wood types.

Our Unique Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Feel like going to an expensive five-star hotel or a day spa to have some relaxing ‘me’ time. You can save that money as you now have the option of transforming your existing bathroom into something that oozes serenity and elegance with some help from customized vanity cabinets made by Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists.


  • The height of our bathroom cabinet vanities is 34 – 5/8 inches which means you do not need to bend down to shave or brush your teeth.
  • Many different door styles are available ranging from traditional to modern.
  • Get a more modern look with floating vanities that can be affixed to the wall.
  • More than 1100 wood finishes and paint options are available along with a variety of door styles.
  • We offer semi-custom bathroom vanities and you do not have to pay anything extra for special sizes.
  • We also offer special options such as glazing and distressing to create a unique bathroom cabinet made only for you.

Why Choose Us for Bathroom Vanities?

  • We use a multi step finishing process to give a unique appearance to all the cabinets. These processes have been perfected over many years to bring out the true style, color and beauty of wood.
  • We offer cabinets in European contemporary frameless design. These cabinets do not have any face frame and the door is mounted directly onto the cabinet case.
  • Highly durable materials used for making the cabinets.
  • These cabinets have immense storage capacity.
  • We offer more than 950 wood finish colors along with 2 sheen levels to make sure everyone finds something as per their lifestyle and decorating tastes.

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    Here at Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists, our team of highly experienced and reliable craftsmen make use of only the finest materials available today to create the ideal cabinetry for your dream bathroom. We use advanced tools and woodworking technology to help you achieve your dream bathroom. Call us today and our team of experts will help you make an informed decision whether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling the existing one.

    Our expert designers will help you choose the right finishes, door styles and wood species to make your dream come to life. We offer a lot of choices including many different glazes, color tones, wiping stains as well as paints along with special options including distressing and grooving to help you create a unique bathroom cabinet made only for you. We believe in transforming our customer’s dreams to reality. All of our cabinets are customized for you.

    Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists is a certified business. We take pride in our work and make sure we always exceed our customer’s expectations. Call us now for a completely free estimate and our design experts will be happy to help you at 253-263-1406.