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    Creative Design Enjoyed for Life

    Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialist does not simply provide your bathroom with a facelift. Our Tacoma bathroom remodeling contractors know how to get the most of any bathroom in order to achieve its full potential. 

    All of the details of your bathroom from the countertops to the shower tile and floor will go through a total transformation to complete your perfect bathroom renovation. Tacoma has never witnessed such superior bathroom remodeling before that is this detailed and focused. 

    Our Services

    A beautiful fence does not have to cost you a fortune, because, with the right fencing company, that’s us, you receive high-end materials for low-end prices. With our technicians, you choose what you want to have installed. Whatever your vision is for your fence we can make it happen. Contact us for commercial and residential fences.


    From modern sleek above-the-counter options to under-mount sinks for your bathroom, Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists offer pedestal sinks as well for small bathrooms to make a statement and save space at the same time.



    When you hire us, you can rest assured that our professional bathtub installers will exceed your expectations. When it comes to installation time, we can finish the installation in as little as one day and you won't have any complaints regarding the quality of workmanship either.



    We provide the highest quality shower enclosures in a broad range of various designs so you can get rid of messy water spills and mildewed shower curtains permanently. Our award-winning bathroom remodeling company can provide the ideal custom enclosed shower for you.



    It is now possible to transform your boring old bathroom into your own personalized relaxation space by getting an elegant looking and customized vanity cabinet. You have the option of choosing from a variety of wood species along with many choices in paints and stains.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    Professional Credentials

    Reputable bathroom contractors are insured, bonded, and licensed to perform the job right the first time.  It is very important to not only choose a company that is a bathroom renovations specialist but also earned a trusted reputation in the community to ensure that your remodel is successfully completed. 

    An Improved Professional Finish

    An expert remodeling contract will provide guidance and accurately complete the job with exceptional care and workmanship.

    Discount Offers

    Professional contractors have numerous contacts with suppliers or manufacturers who can give them good deals on high-quality products.


    Whenever you choose to have Highland Construction and Restoration perform a bathroom remodel, the project will be completed with minimal disruption and less time. A remodeling contractor can navigate the inspection and permit requirements for you as well.

    • A bathroom remodel is a great investment – Remodeling your bathroom will be the most comfortable and function room in your house. 


    • It is also indicated by research that a cutting-edge bathroom may increase your property’s resale value by more than 60%. 


    • Bathroom remodeling is excellent for DIY fans – Most of this type of work does not require any special skills, and therefore most homeowners can do it including you. 


    • Bright bathrooms always look larger. It is a fact that a dull environment looks smaller compared to brightly colored environments. This fact applies to bathrooms as well. 


    Increases your home’s value 

    Having a beautifully remodeled bathroom can significantly increase your home’s value. Today, many homebuyers have the bathroom on the top of their priority lists when looking for a house.


    Adds energy-efficient features 

    Not only is going green good for the environment – it is also easy on your wallet as well. You can save a lot of money by updating old fixtures and adding brand new energy-efficient features. 


    Adds extra smart storage 

    There is no such thing as too much storage! When planning your upcoming bathroom remodeling project, make sure you consider installing counters that provide storage space for linens and towels. 


    Updated appearance 

    Bathroom remodeling is an excellent way to transform your bathroom from dull to beautiful. Whether you would like to be good for a more traditional appearance with all of the modern conveniences or tech-savvy look, bathroom remodeling will give your space new life.  

    Bathroom Renovation and Bathroom Remodeling

    Our extensive experience and the professional approach that we take to bathroom remodeling makes a significant difference in all the details. Whether you are searching for style, convenience, luxury, or some of each, our contractor can make this happen for you. 


    Bathroom Flooring 

    Start with the floor and then work up from there. For any bathroom renovation, the starting point is the bathroom floor and we can guide you to choose the ideal bathroom flooring in order to get the most from your renovation project.  


    Custom Bathroom Vanity

    Custom bathroom vanities are great additions to [CITY] bathroom remodeling project. We can construct custom vanities for you and tailor-made for the bathroom that fits perfectly and offers you the exact appearance you are looking for. 


    Shower Repair & Installation 


    Many [CITY] bathroom renovations undergo transformations that include new shower installations to provide an updated look and convenience and comfort as well. We are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can build the ideal new shower for you or take your existing shower to an entirely new level with a comprehensive repair or reconstruction. 

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    Bathroom Renovation 

    Renovating a bathroom can be an overwhelming task. You need to take the time to get a clear idea of what you will use your renovated bathroom for and all of the features that you need to have. After it is completed, you can then move on to planning out the finer details. Several factors and features need to be considered when your bathroom renovation is being planned.  



    Bathroom Layout

    The ideal layout is critical for convenient and functional space. Therefore, you need to consider practicality, flow, and ambiance when your bathroom layout is being planned for your renovation project. There are many different floor plan options that are available, although you might be constrained by where the existing plumbing points are located. That is why you need to prioritize the features that you absolutely need to have for your renovated bathroom.




    Your bathroom renovation will be practically useful unless it includes a contemporary bathtub. There are a huge number of beautiful designs that you can choose from. The stand out option is the freestanding style and, on the other hand, minimal space is used by recessed baths and they provide easy access for the disabled and elderly.



    Basin and vanity 

    If you and your spouse or partner tend to get ready for the day at the same time, you might want to consider adding a double vanity. Another must-have is to have plenty of storage while you should never have to compromise on aesthetics to make sure your vanity goes well with the rest of your renovated bathroom. 



    Fittings and fixtures 

    The ideal fittings and fixtures are practical inclusions to complement your renovated bathroom’s design. Taps are available in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, gold, brass, and chrome. The toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink serve practical purposes and integrate seamlessly with the bathroom’s surroundings.



    Tiles play a significant role in determining the ambiance and look of your bathroom. From wall tiles and floor tiles as well as interesting feature borders, it is critical to choose the right tiles to make your bathroom renovation project successful. 

    Bathroom Ideas 

    Our team at Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists can design your dream bathroom, from the initial concept through completion. Your new bathroom will prove a beautiful sanctuary for your entire family. Bathrooms are a major investment that should increase the value of your home.

    Designing a bathroom might sound like an easy process. However, there are numerous things that must be considered before any major decisions are made on your bathroom design. Make sure you ask some fundamental questions about the type of bathroom you truly want to have: 

    Are you planning a new bathroom design to increase your home’s value, or do you need your bathroom to be a private area to unwind and relax in while taking a warm bath?

    Is your existing bathroom not big enough to meet all of your needs?

    Are you searching for a new bathroom design that suits your personal style better?


    Bathroom Design 

    We are a company that understands better than anyone else how important it is to have a good balance of function and form. We take the time to guide you through all of the different options that are available to you – from smaller selections such as knobs, vents, and fixtures to major features such as mirrors, bathroom hardware, shower doors, flooring, and bathroom cabinets. We ensure you have all of the information you need to make the right decisions for your bathroom renovation project.


    Custom Bathroom Design 

    This is a major undertaking that you should entrust to a professional and experienced company that has the ability to make everything happen seamlessly and efficiently. Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists has earned the reputation as the most trusted and respected bathroom design company inTacoma by taking the exact same approach to every job we do: listening to our clients.


    Bathroom Sink Installation 

    One potential problem can be shallow drains, particularly in combination with a clogged pipe. When water is flowing from the faucet to the sink bowl, ideally the water should directly flow to the drain and then down the pipe. With a shallow drain, sometimes it causes water to stay in the bowl and slowly drain, which results in standing water.  

    Insufficient sink drainage along with soap and hair build-up can lead to undesirable odors and a clogged sink very quickly. Cleaning the sink might help to prevent unwanted smells and clogs, but that is only a temporary solution for a sink that has been installed improperly. 


    Most likely you spend a lot more time walking on your floor than you do thinking about it. However, the floor in your bathroom significantly affects the visual appeal and longevity of the space. The proper flooring offers the ideal finishing touch to connect all of your interior design features and protects the long-term durability of your bathroom. 

    Bathroom Accessories

    Bathroom Finishes 

    Ranging from beautiful light fixtures to durable vanities, we go the extra mile to help bring your dream bathroom design to life at an affordable price. 



    Our vanities are available in a wide range of finishes, sizes, and styles and feature quality furniture joints and real wood to provide you with a bathroom feature that is cost-effective and will make a very stylish impact for many years into the future.  



    To complete your bathroom, you need a sink that will complement your new bathroom’s unique style. We offer numerous options to help design a sink that is functional as well as beautiful.  



    Although lighting might not be your first thought when considering a bathroom remodeling project, it is one of the more important features for any size bathroom. The ideal lighting fixtures will complement your design and provide the perfect brightness level for your new bathroom. 



    Whether you would like to have a custom medallion style mirror or a traditional framed one, we have the expert service and high-quality bathroom products that you can rely on to give your renovation the final touches it needs. 



    Keep Safe

    All of our crew members adhere strictly to safety guidelines and are thoroughly trained. They also have decades of experience to successfully and efficiently provide first-rate bathroom remodeling services. Does your bathroom have any issues? Don’t try to solve the problem on your own and risk getting injured or even death. Be sure to make the right decision and contact a professional local contractor.


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    The Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling Specialists Promise

    To ensure peace of mind when planning your home improvement project, make sure it comes with a guarantee that you can rely on – and that will stand the test of time. 


    Many people have told us that they have been burned by a warranty in the past. Many discovered the hard way that numerous warranties that are offered by manufacturers prorate very quickly, some within the first year. Also, the average contractor guarantees their labor for just one year. 

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